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Hawaii's Premier Personal Assistance Company for Seniors


 'Doing all we can do to make your life easier'

Services for the Independent and Mobile Senior

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Young carer helping senior woman getting in car


KOKUA SENIORS is a company catering to Hawaii's kupuna who desire to enjoy their Golden Years in the privacy and comfort of their home. 


For KOKUA SENIORS, our services revolve around our mission of 'Keeping Hawaii Kupuna Independent, Mobilized, ­­Engaged, Safe and Happy.'


The KOKUA SENIORS customer is typically the senior individual, family members, and friends who cannot provide the support they need. We can fill that gap and give you the peace of mind of knowing that kupuna is in responsible and safe hands. 


KOKUA SENIORS is a non-medical service provider. We are not CNAs (Certified Nurse Aid) or other medically qualified persons. Instead, we are capable, good-hearted, and caring people with a special affinity for our kupuna. They deserve to live a complete and happy life for as long as possible and in a home that they feel safe and secure in. It's what they've earned and what they deserve. 


     Please reach out to us if we can help you or if you have any questions. 

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  • Prescription pickups 

  • Grocery shopping & meals pickup

  • Banking, post office & other errands

  • Rides to & from appointments, the airport, visit to family & friends


  • Daily check-ins (phone, email  or visit)

  • Companionship & hobbies

  • Light stretching & massage

  • Accompany to & assist with in-person or virtual doctor  appointments


  • Feed, walk & play

  • Vet appointments

  • Bath, dry & simple grooming

  • Simple yard chores & projects


  • Car care needs

  • Trip planning

  • Computer, cellphone, tv, alarm system setups and troubleshooting 


  • Home cleaning & organizing

  • Light meal preparation

  • Simple home maintenance & fixes

  • Coordinate larger home repair needs, and vendor services

  • Mail sorting, bill paying & assist with correspondences and records management

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KOKUA SENIORS makes a great effort to put our best foot forward and do our best for our customers every time. Our work is only completed once we have fulfilled the promised tasks and to our customer's satisfaction. 

KOKUA SENIORS customers are primarily referral based. Through the good fortune of family, friends, acquaintances, and past clients. 
To ensure the KOKUA SENIORS Standards of care and Promise to deliver meets our senior client's satisfaction, we ask our clients to share their experiences by completing a Testimonial feedback form. Their feedback below is being shared with their permission. If you would like to speak with any particular customer to validate their experiences with KOKUA SENIORS, we would be happy to ask for their permission.

Jul 13, 2022 

Work Done: Caregiving Services (Bathing, Feeding, Massage)

Testimonial:  We were trying to find AND place her in a care home, but this process takes time to complete. Lorna was referred to us by a friend of my cousin. I called Lorna and we set up a visit for her to meet my Mom and to find out what help we needed and to see my Mom's routines. We set up a schedule for her come more regularly. Lorna was always on time and kept our appointments. There was a peace of mind knowing that Lorna was at the house providing care for my Mom whether it was getting her up in the mornings or helping put her to bed at night. Other assistance included feeding my Mom, giving her a bath, putting on my Mom's wraps for her legs, making sure my Mom took her medication (pills and eye drops), taking Mom's blood pressure and blood sugar readings. Mom especially liked the leg massages with lotion before the wraps were put on. I would put the lotion on Mom's legs, but it wouldn't compare to Lorna's massages... I needed help with cleaning the bedroom windows of my parents--something on our To Do List that just never got done... I was hesitant to ask Lorna if she would clean our windows, but she agreed to do them and did a great job. Lorna is patient, caring and responsible. We are grateful to Lorna for providing a much needed service to families caring for elderly family members. We also appreciated that Lorna's services were affordable. Many private agencies require four hours minimum at a much higher rate which would add up over time. Give Kokua Seniors a call.

Pam C

August 17, 2022

Work Done:  Personal Service, Transportation, Shopping for Goods, Food, Things

Testimonial:  Satisfied as to above requirements: 1) Timely service, 2) Available to serve me when requested, 5-Star Service

Richard M


3 ways to reach us:

1.  Complete Kokua Senior's Service Assessment Survey form

2.  Call or Text us: 808-754-6859


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